'bout me

Mother, aid worker, writer, photographer.
Nomad of unclear origin
 (south America/south Europe)
I’ve lived in Europe, South America, North America, South East Asia and Africa

so I'm a cultural mutt
a story teller. 
& I love chocolate


so apparently my previous bio (above) was not specific enough, so here's another try:

I'm a mom, mainly because I have children, but also because I choose to define myself that way, 
and because being a mom affects who I am, what I do and how I do it

I'm an aid worker, that is my job, but that was not my first job. 
I was first a psychologist, then a banker, then a strategy analyst, and only then (1992) an aid worker.
So again, I chose this. For better for worse, it's ups and downs. It's a lifestyle.

Since the birth of  my first child I stopped being "staff" and chose to become freelance. 
This means I have more control over my time and can be more present in my kids' life.
I can follow my husband around (another aid worker) and work from anywhere.
I can live in the developed world and still visit the developing world regularly.
There are some down sides, but so far the upsides exceed them.

It's my choice, it doesn't have to be yours.  

I love to write (which explains why I have a blog and why I'm working on a book on identity and motherhood) 

I love to take photographs (which explains why my blog has so many photo posts)

and I love chocolate.

Clearer now?