Thursday, March 28, 2019

a woman's manifesto (part I)

women are the invisible fabric of modern societies. It is us -women- who look after the sick, the children, the old. It is us who -in addition to earning a living- undertake a larger percentage of the house hold work.  our brains are scattered with to-do lists. we remember birthdays, doctor appointments, class events... all the while measuring ourselves against wonder woman ideals. our hair  is too thin, our hips too wide, our heels too short.

our free labor has been invisibilised.   our bodies have become a political battlefield, but rather than in parliament pushing back we are expected to be at soul cycle. (which is why gyms have day care facilities but not parliaments do not ...)

we become small under the weight of expectations. sometimes literally starving ourselves to fit into societies expectations. Forever hungry for validation. forever running after the unachievable end line.

the fact that I am saying nothing new makes our fight even more frustrating. Anyone who cares already knows this.

what if the queens are not the beyoncĂ©'s? what if the ones who rule the world are not the spice girls?but rather  all those women selling warm soup at the side of the road. those women carrying their siblings home from school. the women who refuse to leave their elderly behind.

It is a 13 year old girl waking the world up about  climate change.

we don't have a race, a color or a religion. we are the ones who will always prioritize peace, because it facilitates feeding the children.  we will cross oceans, and walk continents to secure them a place in the school lunch room.

WE are the movers and shakers.

WE must recognize  our own value and demand it be recognized y others.

...add fighting injustice and human trafficking to today's  to do list...

we stand together in the sun, refusing to  remain invisible any  longer. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

my home no more

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abandoned home in the Israeli desert. From the Horizons series