Friday, February 28, 2014

how photography forces you to live in the moment or why you should live life like it's NOT a rehearsal

One of the things I love about photography is that it forces your to live in the moment. For one, because if you take the type of photographs that I like to take, it requires paying attention to the daily mundane details we often overlook. It involves being present and aware of the ordinary in order to find, and  remember to appreciate, its inherent beauty. Also, because nowhere like in photography do you get to experience the uniqueness of a moment. 

These photos were  a trial run for the family self portrait. The setting and dates were prepared and planned, the technical mistakes noted and would be corrected. I was super excited about and really looked forward to it, but we never had another sunset like that. All the following nights were cloudy and the volcano was hardly visible. So there, THAT was the moment, there wasn't another one like it.  

Too often we take things for granted. Too often we  think "I'll do it later" unaware that the opportunity will not present itself again.

So that is my two pennies, advice from me to you for free to think about over the weekend: live it like you'll never get that time back again......because you won't.

Monday, February 24, 2014


I held my breath, covered my nose and closed my eyes before  jumping in.

It was a long quiet drop and I barely made a sound as my feet, and then my legs, and then the rest of me first touched the water before being engulfed by it.

Once in I opened my eyes to find that everything was as in my dreams.

There were mermaids and seahorses, and other creatures I’d lost hope could still exist.

I could hear the voices from afar calling and reminding me that the other world existed, but they were muted by the water and I was too distracted to pay any heed.

The nights were long and restful. There was no fear or anticipation. Anxiety had stayed afloat, outside, unable to let go, to sink in.

Time was still and plentiful. So we rested after every game and played after every rest. It was the time of childhood, when there is still time to wait for the caterpillar to cross the path.

There was freedom in the certainty of togetherness and carelessness in the knowledge that there were no distractions. There was nothing urgent and only the quietest of needs prevailed. The important silent ones.

Crickets sang in the distance as we watched the moonrise over the horizon. The earth grumbled in a quiet and un menacing way. And when we reemerged into reality we did so in peace, filled with solitude and calm. Reborn.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

there are all kinds of love, and they should all be celebrated. happy valentines day

made by a US veteran trying to raise funds to go back to school.
He was in front of the Mandarin hotel in columbus circle (NYC)
in case you want to see it live and donate to the artist

I suppose I like to make a point that valentine's is not just about romantic love. Last year I wrote about the importance of friendship. Like last year, I also want to remind everyone that the 14th of February is they day we DANCE FOR ONE MILLION RISING against gender based violence.

But this year I want to focus on a different kind of love. One which has been a key part of my life from day one. One that carries me, accompanies me, advices me, takes the piss out of me, challenges me and makes me laugh. One that I get to observe in my home every day as it grows into something unique and irreplaceable. sibling love.

Translation: M. I'm sorry for calling you worst sister ever.
You are THE best one, ever.
I love you best M. ever


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

January family self portrait, Liquid shadows

Winter's clawing ice
Fractures liquid  shadows, white
Light breathes soft silence

(click on the image to enlarge, it's worth doing) 

The family self portrait  project started in January 2011. 
I take one portrait of the whole family, myself included, once a month.  
The poem is a 2013 addition by a "ghost" writer

Every family should do this. 

In late 2013 a "ghost" writer joined the initiative and now each photo is accompanied by a poem.

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