Monday, April 27, 2015

The Calm before the storm, #Nepal Photo post

There is an old Colombia saying that after God created Colombia, with its wonderful nature, its incredibly rich fauna and flora, one of the angels highlighted that he was being unfair blessing it with so many riches. To which God responded: "wait until you see the people". 

This was told to me by a Colombian friend.

A similar thing can be said for Nepal: wonderful country, stunning nature, drenched in culture and wonder, kind warm people... 
"wait until you see where I put it"

All the experts say it was a matter of time. My heart is with the people of this beautiful country. Remembering my time there with them felt like the least I could to do. Especially as many of these sites have suffered significant damage and only god knows the fate of these kind people.


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Should I stay or should I go?

It’s that time again.
We have been here for three and a half years. That is the longest we have lived anywhere in the last…. thirteen years. And we are getting that itch again.
Itching for something new. Something warmer. Something… different.

We want to give the kids stability, but we also want them to share our life experiences, and being a nomad is an intrinsic part of who we are.

we love New York.

We love our home, the one we bought in an attempt to set up roots. Even if we knew we would not always live in it, just having it means we “have a home”.
If only literally.

It’s that time again.
We’ve been here long enough to have started growing timid roots. We have begun to find a tribe of our own. Like treasures in a thrift shop, we have foraged through the rubble and found  unique pieces, here and there, people who make us laugh, who make us think, who make us wonder and remember parts of ourselves that often fall dormant. I can begin to envision those roots flourishing. I can begin to see how these timid friendships could blossom.


We can’t have both.

It’s either roots or wings.

It's that time again.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

February family self portrait- Forged


Molten and Forged
out of the first frost of spring-
I is you is we

In case you are wondering what this is: it's a face made from our different parts: G's face, trouble's hair, the princess' eyes and my lips

The family self portrait  project started in January 2011. 
I take one portrait of the whole family, myself included, once a month.  
In late 2013 a "ghost" writer joined the initiative and now each photo is accompanied by a poem.
In 2015 the kids started collaborating and introducing their own ideas
...the project has a life of its own

Every family should do this. It's an amazing record of the little things that matter

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