Friday, February 19, 2016

like fish out of water

It's been ages since I've printed photos. I'm always shooting for one reason or another. Busy editing  as photos choose to show me their hidden secrets (an essential part of my process), and when they make me happy they often end up  here on the blog or on my website, but it's been ages since I felt the need to print one of them.

This past week I've been working on my set for the upcoming FUTURES show in Brooklyn, and it's just amazed me how the medium affects each photograph. Photos that are uninteresting on the screen come alive on the paper, feeding from it's texture. Others that excite me once printed get lost in translation. Sometimes the colour doesn't work and but when turned to black and white look up to stare at me with different eyes. The magic sepias loose out to the  ethereal light colours that on screen seem dull but on paper capture the weight of  the smoke and the hard work.   Like fish out of water they are finding their feet. A different medium, a different life.

And then, as always, there are the accidents that lead to new discoveries....

hope to see a few of you on the 18th at FUTURES, click here for discounted tickets until Feb 17.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Jonas, January family portrait

Snow Storm

S         c          a          I           b          l           b          a          o          a
 i          o          s                     l          o         a                        f           n
l           l                        r          i           s          t          p                      d
e          d          a          e          n           i         t           r          c
 n                                   c          d        n          l          o          i             s
c            s        n          a                      g         i             x          r         t
e          t          i           l          s                      n         y          c          i
            e          n         l           h         m           g                    u         l
 e         a         e                      i           y                        w       m         l
c          m                     s         v          s         t          a          s
h                        y        t           e         e          h          r            t         I
  o        s          e          a         r             l           e                    a
e          u         a           n        i           f                       o          n         f
s          f           r           d          n                     e          n           c        i
             f                      i           g          t           l                      e            g
o            o        o          n                      o         e            t                     h
 f          c          l             g          f                       m       h                     t
f           a           d                    o          r           e          e
            t                       o          g         e         n                                 o
t           e                     n         g          c          t           s                      n
h          s                                    y          k          s        o
  e                                  a                    l                      l
             s                                 s         e          b            i
s            p                    s            k        s         e         d
o          a                      n         i           s            c        i
 f          c                      o                                  a          t
t           e                     w        m        s         m         y
n                                  y          a          p            e
  e        a                                    s          e
s          n                      t           k         e
 s         d                     o                     d


The family self portrait  project started in January 2011. 
I take one portrait of the whole family, myself included, once a month.  
In late 2013 a "ghost" writer joined the initiative and now each photo is accompanied by a poem.
In 2015 the kids started collaborating and introducing their own ideas
...the project has a life of its own

Every family should do this. It's an amazing record of the little things that matter

To see previous months click on the links below:


Monday, February 8, 2016


I've spent the last two days going over photos of exotic places for my upcoming Futures showcase, and so far this one's my favourite. Admit it, #Iamweird

ok, so maybe not my favourite, but this was taken in my bathroom in between a trip to Nepal and one to Bangladesh, so it ended up accidentally dumped with the "cool"photos, and it manages to grab my attention  every time I come across it... 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

are you in New York and free on the 18th?

So this happened. I was asked to be part of the RAW BROOKLYN FUTURES one night only artists happening. Not entirely sure what IS happening. From what I gather there will be a bunch of Brooklyn based artists (although some are coming from out of town) to share what they do and what they love.

Painters, photographers, fashion designers jewellery designers... you name it we have it and it will all be up for grabs. DJs and live band as well as other performances will take place throughout  the night (7-11pm, so you can still make it home by bed time). You can buy original  art or just have a drink and enjoy the show.

I will be showing and selling some stuff, and am considering (jury is still out) offering a few portrait sessions. haven't done that in a  LONG time with the exception of a few exceptional request, usually by people that had good connections (with me).
You can find out more about the event and the artist participating pressing HERE

and you can get your tickets at discounted prices ($20)  until Feb 16 pressing HERE

I'd love it if you and your friends could make it!