Wednesday, April 18, 2018

be still

There was a festival taking place. 
Promises of brightly colored ethnic dresses, possible face make up, music and dance ..... a photographers dream. 
But I was tired, so I stayed behind. I grabbed a rum bathed fruit drink and sat by the Caribbean sea lazily watching time pass me by. 

People came and went. The djins played in the background. And through it I sat, without expectations. 

 It was only because I was still. Because I stopped looking, searching, asking, finding. I stopped wanting and fearing. I stopped hoping and expecting -it was only because I was still long enough that the magic revealed itself to me. There all along, quietly and in the background, an entire festival of light was taking place. 

Right before my eyes the perfect picture.

Be still, every now and then. Remember to be still 
and let the every day magic that surrounds you  reveal itself.