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Guest posts and articles...

'We forgot to tell the kids that moving can suck': the challenges of working abroadThe Guardian's Global Development Professionals Network, October 2016

 "It's hard to nag over Skype': an aid worker talks about parenting
The Guardian's Global Development Professionals' Network, May 2015

Secret aid worker: development work broke a piece of me
The Guardian's Secret Aid Worker Series, August  2015

"52 reasons not to date an aid worker"
was published on The Guardian' Global Development Professionals' Network, JANUARY 2015

"Finding the G (gender) spot" article on on motherhood and work for Peace x Peace: raise women's voices,build cultures of peace website

"Secrets & lies" - Guest post  on pregnancy and body image for the  BloggerBodyCalendar (2010)

"Survival kit for moving away" article on Matador life (2011)

"Whyy I'm a survivor" guest post for Band Back Together

"Finding the G spot" guest post on aid, development and gender for  Tales From the Hood (this site is no longer live, you can find the post re-published HERE

"Model behaviour" - Guest post  body image for the  BloggerBodyCalendar (2011)

you can find my photos on websites such as sipu  or as the cover photo for Nia website

"Finding the Humanitarian G (gender)spot" Peace and collaborative Development Network  (april 2012)

What other blogs are saying about me....
living life in your own terms, interview for Sanaz Coaching, (September 2018)
"Facteur X: Angélica Arbulú" an interview for Pile ou Strass (2012)

I wrote the following for Working Mother

I'm a regular contributing author in...
Alexandria: Crossroads of Civilisation , on everything and anything

"Noodle Soup" Photography  review of my exhibition at the Foreign Correspondents Club in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, as part of the fringe Photo Phnom Penh Festival