Tuesday, October 29, 2013

RIP Dear Lou

I got to meet the legend exactly one year ago. He came down to Brooklyn to read from his new book of poems, and very quickly became the best (and only) idea for a Christmas present for my husband.

It was mid week and they barely gave us any notice. They always do that when  big celebrity is coming, but still, the house was packed.  He read from  his book  with his rough, deep, broken voice. You could hear the passion behind the project, he would stop and relish on the drawings that accompanied it and the man who had made them. It was towards the end, for the Q&A, when the Lou we all expected came out, clearly annoyed with us for being there at all,  slamming down  his fans who so  eagerly struggled to come up  with an interesting question to make to their idol:

fan- "what do you consider was  your greatest achievement"
Lou- "I'm not dead yet"

Some people just don't get to die. His music will continue to be heard and cherished by generations to come, and I can make my claim to fame: I spoke to one of the gods, and managed to annoy the hell out of him.

PS I recorded the whole reading. If he'd known that he probably would have been even more annoyed

Friday, October 25, 2013


casually left behind after the fairies and midgets had the bed time bath. magic.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Girls rock (2nd international day of the girl)

I have the privilege of raising a girl that brakes with most presumptions and conventions about what a girl is supposed to be and do. She is fearless, hugely physical and ridiculously strong.

I also have the burden of bearing witness to the heartbreaking reality that other girls around the world have to live.

Today we  celebrate the second day of the girl under the theme "innovating for girls education". I want to focus on the girls that are fearlessly breaking molds and expectations, defying convention and redefining the rules. I want to celebrate the girls that are unique, different and unusual. 

As parents we are both their teachers and role models. May we be strong enough to let out boys and girls live up to their full potential, whatever that may be.  May we be wise enough to lead them to a better world than the one they are inheriting

A lot of it is on us. That's all I'm saying

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

one woman, one camera and 45 minutes in front of IKEA

alternate title for this post was what happened the day I learned (the hard way) that IKEA does not open until 10am.

Red Hook, Brooklyn

we've all been there. You miss calculate and find yourself in the middle of nowhere, unable to do anything from your ever-growing to-do list.  Last week  I found myself in such a predicament at the door of IKEA.  It was a lovely autumn day and I was stuck in a cold cement entry. I'm sure this type of thing has always happened, but I am also sure that before  people accepted it as a normal  part of  life. Activities had in-betweens that were not meant to be filled, but rather, were just left empty,  to muse over nothing  over a relaxin cup of cafe con leche, to talk with a neighbour...  Now a days  we are  used to things happening quickly, and obsessed with having every minute accounted for. And don't get me started about our need to be constantly entertained.

So, sadly,  I did what any normal person now a days would do with any small amount of empty time: reached for my iphone/ipad/droid.... and started clicking. I made this composite (above) with a few of them and totally love it. You can find a couple more below, but  I'll leave the other  200 selfies to your imagination