Monday, March 8, 2010

I don't think the spider and the cockroach are related

Kitgum, North Uganda

There's a spider that has decided to move into my bathroom (not too far from the dead cockroach actually, but I don't think they are related).

Maybe it's prejudice, but she looks too darn large to be harmless. So now my night visits (my many and regular night visits) are that much more interesting.

We sit there, we two, in the silence of the night. I hold my flashlight (which I have to use to make sure I don't step on my new friend.... for my sake), keep our eyes fixed on each other, and avoid any sudden moves.


Alex said...

I like that you haven't squished the spider. Im not always so good about that but I want to co-exist better with the bugs (that don't bite).

One of The Guys said...

OK, I'll admit it. Spiders creep the hell out of me. When my wife and kids yell for me to come kill one, I cringe. But I get the job done, somehow!

But that spider looks freakin' huge!

angelica said...

that spider IS freakin huge. I would have put my hand next to it to show the relative size, but was scared it would bite it off