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Sunday, March 7, 2010

the revenge of Montezuma is upon me! (the plot thickens)

Sunday 7 (oscar night, NOT for me)

The revenge of Montezuma is upon me! Which in case you are wondering is how Mexicans call it when you have serious stomach trouble. I had a night from hell. Thank god I’m in a hotel with running water, my intimate relationship with the toilet would not have been sustainable otherwise. It was hardly sustainable as it is.

Yesterday we were having an interview with a local partner under a traditional Ugandan hut, round structure in mud and wooden planks holding the thatched roof, when it hit and I had to make a run for it. My first ever in a toilet-less toilet. At least it was clean and not too smelly. We finished the interview but I went back to the hotel while C carried on with the next focus group discussion.

We had moved hotels since the previous had no running water, and thank god. This place is so much nicer. Large rooms, veranda, posters to hang the mosquitoe nets from. A four star according to sign in their reception, although I am uncertain as to where this certification comes from….

I joined them again in the afternoon and interviewed a girl who had been abducted by the LRA, while C interviewed a guy who had been orphaned by them and was hoping one of us would sponsor his schooling.

Back at the hotel I spoke to my babies who were unintelligible. There was a lot of crying and “but I cant see mama!” Because of course it was not skype and they think that all phones have a video camera and all cameras are digital.

As it was the weekend the hotel became quite lively with lots of people coming to swim in the pool and hang at the bar, both local and expats. I did not have the energy to join them. I sat on the varanda to do some work. It was lovely, windy and cool. The hotel mutt insisted on staying by my side even though I can’t touch him because I am allergic. You could smell the rain in the air.

But for the most part, it was me lying on my bed trying and failing to sleep. I hope (HOPE) that my needs for a toilet are finished as it may otherwise become quite a challenge tomorrow…..

Monday march 8 (woman’s day)

Breakfast: 1 black tea, 1 coke, 1 toast with a dab of honey, 1 extra strong vitamin, 1 advil, 2 immodium.

Here’s to hoping.

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