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Friday, April 23, 2010

My week is cursed!

Or as they say, the higher they rise the harder they fall.

I totally rocked last week. I pulled a fantastic birthday party for my 4 yr. old, two home made cakes (one for the party and one for school), I even managed to ensure that we had the hottest sunniest day yet this spring, (that was all me of course). Then I took the hubby to Amsterdam for a romantic, one Michelin star, cool and alternative restaurant. The next morning he was greeted by his favourite cake, home made cards from the kids, and I even managed to surprise him (positively) with his birthday present. I rocked that birthday celebration too.

This week, well, that seems to be an entirely different matter.

I started a new job that will require me to travel to Colombia, so I decided –under the current ash cloud circumstance- to ensure I had my ticket first. I lost an entire morning trying aimlessly to pay for it. The darn site kept refusing all my credit cards. Such was my desperation that I opted to call (loooong wait with crap “hold” music) while I tried and failed to work. Finally got my booking confirmed through an email, one of those that says “pay up in 24 hrs or you’re history.” Then I received a second stating that it had not gone through so better just make a transfer, and I did that too.

I work part time, so that was Monday.

Tuesday I came to the realisation that both payments had gone through. On closer analysis the two emails I had received from the travel company had slightly different addresses, and so I quickly came to the realisation that I had finally become a victim of internet hackers; tried phoning the travel agent but they were on ash cloud panic mode and the lines were off. Sent many panicky emails asking for confirmation or clarification, but as they did not reply to me immediately I decided there was no time to waste and off to the bank, where I reported the fraud and they started an investigation. They also suggested I contact the police and the recipient bank, which I did, although it took me 100 years because I cannot speak Dutch (even though I temporarily live in Holland) and the darn machines keep giving me options that I don’t understand (meenie meenie mainy mo). Eventually I managed and started an enquiry at the recipient bank as well.

That was Tuesday, as far as work is concerned, but then during a play date with the kids I kept feeling worse and worse, so after I dropped them off back at home I headed to the hospital. Of course, it turns out I have a UTI. If you don't know what that is 1. I’m NOT going to tell you and 2. You lucky bitch/bastard, because this is not my first and they are painful.

I got home extremely upset with life and decided that no matter how behind I was with work I was going to sit in front of the TV, munch on comfort food and watch crap. And then lightning struck and when you thought nothing worse could happen it did; THE REMOTE IS BROKEN. Not even the TV remote, the cable remote, so I cannot change the channels manually, I can only watch whatever is on that one channel.

I have tried to phone the cable company, but so far have not managed a number combination that gets me to an actual person

Wednesdays I usually look after the kids in the morning, so I begged the caretaker to take them away in the afternoon to ensure I was alone and could focus. That was before I remembered that I had a dentist appointment that took me three months to get, and only managed to through dodgy contacts. Did I mention that I totally hate going to the dentist and shake all the way through?

That was Wednesday.

Thursday I got an email from the travel agent saying that indeed both emails were from them -no fraud- that they had returned my money, on both accounts, and cancelled my booking (aaargh!) how many times do I have to pay for something so that they get I want it?? So back to booking and fighting with the internet.

I also had to call of the search and rescue missions with the banks, and although everyone was very nice to me, felt very much like a fool, and wasted what was left of my morning. I did manage to get some work done, to take the kids out to the park on a lovely sunny afternoon, and even my dance class. But lo and behold, just as I thought that the curse might be over I came home –bathed in my own sweat, to find there is no hot water (and therefore also no heating).

Today I am on call with the heating company cause if I don’t manage to get them in that is the weekend in cold and smelly house (no, I am not planning to shower until they fix it!)

Friday, please go easy on me!

PS I attach a picture of my living room because I feel it's a good reflection of what my brain looks like


Alex said...

Now THAT is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week. I hope your Friday's ok!

Diana said...

Some days is better to hide under the blankets.....