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Monday, December 13, 2010

On friends and friendship

A good friend knows when to speak and when to listen.

A good friend knows when to challenge you and when to pamper you.

A good friend knows and understands most of you, but loves and accepts all of you.

A good friend feeds the mind and waters the soul.

A good friend makes you laugh, at yourself, at the world.

A good friend holds your history and your memories dear.

A good friend says please, thank you and I’m sorry.

A good friend is like air: always present, essential, but not always seen or felt.

A good friend is a like a kind mirror, if you care to look.

A good friend is a mother that scolds you.

A good friend looks after the child in you.

A good friend makes mistakes, and forgives yours.

A good friendship knows not of time nor distance.

A good friend is like a breath of fresh air, a gift worth more than gold.

PS post dedicated to my beautiful friends scattered around the world, which I sadly see a lot less than I'd like to

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Diana said...

I think, a do qualify as friend.
Love your post!