Monday, July 25, 2011

the fly and the tupperware

I caught M the princess (otherwise known as princess monkey) up on the counter (again) because she was trying to catch a fly with a tupperware.

I told her to please get down before she cracked her skull open, and that there was no way that she could catch the fly because they are too fast.

I took this photo when I realized she had actually caught the fly, was balancing against the window and quietly pondering as to her next step, no so much concerned about getting herself out of there as to how to keep the fly inside the tupperware

.... and this is why I know that this girl can achieve anything she puts her mind to.

PS to read another classic of the princess monkey go to the story of the princess and the frog


Anonymous said...

You see her balancing on top of the counter, and you go to get your camera!!! take the picture and then help her out?
I wonder why are you surprised at what she does....

angelica said...

she was stable. stuck but stable. and actually got out on her own... I suppose I'm just used to her by now