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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Snaefells glacier, Iceland

just came back from the most amazing wedding plus ceremony on the top of Snaefells glacier. it really would be hard to compete, so glad am already married! after a more traditional religious wedding (perked up with live singing from both the bride with the assist of a piano, and the groom with his quartet... which included the priest), followed by a stroll of the entire wedding party from the church to the drink garden, by the lake, with flame throwers and bubble throwers (can you call them that?).

a more traditional icelandic dinner affair which included calf's brain and whale, and hours of speaches (what an absolutely poetic and musical language!) and a grand finale of a more spiritual and non denominational ceremony that saluted the earth, and that invited all those present to unite their female and male parts (ying and yang), to say their vows, to let go, to unite, all of this on top of the Snaefells glacier, supposedly one of the 6 energy points of the earth. a most spectacular finale

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Mirko said...

Wow!!! I just came back from my best holidays ever in Iceland!
So nice to read this :-)
Snaefellesness is indeed a beautiful place