On Motherhood & Sanity

Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 3 December Challenge, what to hold on to and when to let go...

Her PJs are too short. Her shoes too small. Her sleeves no longer reach her wrist, and that is just the beginning.

My baby girl is no longer a baby and, as predicted, I no longer have to worry if  she sleeps through the night  or falls from her crib. And thought that is a relief, suddenly the potential "falls" seem higher. I have to begin worrying  if she will be bullied or left out. If she will succeed academically.  If she might be approached on the street or the internet.  The world feels too big and I feel the sudden urge to  bring her back into the  crib where I can watch over her. 

The kids have entered a really special time. I used to think that babies were the best years, now I realize that it really does keep getting better. Overnight conversations have  taken a turn. They are more colorful and complex. They are starting to wonder about the world and actively deciding how and where to stand in it. They are asserting their independence, at the same time they still think I am "the bestest." That certainly  won't last long! 

The baby-child is slipping away  and I want to savour every second I've got left.

before becoming a butterfly, the caterpillar must go through the awkward stage of being a chrysalis.

In regards to  what to let go of... I've really been struggling with this one. Going through the prompts I've come to realize that I hold a lot of resentment towards my body. I hope to let go of that.