Thursday, April 26, 2012

Can boobs cause earthquakes? updated

I have decided to repost this for various reasons. One being that I think that bookquake day -as a concept- rocks, but mostly because I think it would be really cool if it stuck, Hallmarks begun making cards and party flavours,  and Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedigh was forever credited for being the creator of bookquake day. 

We could also call it "reclaim your boobs day." 

The message remains the same: we are, and should be, free to wear our boobs without anyone attacking us -or them- for it, and if anyone has an issue with that  they should take it directly with the one that made them, i.e. their god.

so, if you agree, show your support by publicising boob day any way you see fit (and yes, men have boobs too, less polemic ones admittedly, but man-boobs are also allowed to participate).


According to Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedigh, Tehran's acting Friday prayer leader, YES WE CAN!

In his words:
"Many women who do not dress modestly ... lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which (consequently) increases earthquakes"

I could write a long feminist post on this, and maybe tomorrow I will, but today I am really busy trying to finish something so that this sinner can take her family to visit the rest of the family, and frankly this whole ‘women are the source of all evil and men are mere puppets that have no will and cannot help themselves’ act is -if you ask me- a tad bit jaded. I mean, when Jesus was around and they wrote the whole Adam & Eve story maybe. But now? seriously?

Still, Jen McCreight has pulled off a pretty good one. Apparently she is being criticized by some for making a joke on April 19, probably because this joke has now turned into a worldwide movement and a pretty funny, successful and pacific response to this kind of attitude. Because lets face it, unfortunately Mr. Sedigh is not alone, and there are many countries were this kind of attitude not only is NOT a joke, but women pay very dearly for it.

Essentially she proposed that we prove this statement wrong through Boobquake day, i.e. a day when all women (or many) dress immodestly, at the same time, and wait to see if an earthaquake happens as a consequence. That day is TODAY! (april 26, 2010)

To those who say that this is a stupid response I say this: stupid statements deserve nothing but stupid responses.

And this is precisely why it is so brilliant, because it exposes the initial statement for what it is: baseless and sexist gibberish.

The Facebook fan page has managed to get over 44,000 fans in less than a week. Women around the world are proudly and shamelessly exposing their assets be it in person or via the Internet. I myself quickly ran upstairs, dug up a sexy bra (I never actually wear,) and took some pics with my iphone to post as my twitter profile picture for the day. I had seen kaseandannasmom post hers once a week to promote breast cancer awareness and self monitoring, and never thought twice about it, but seeing MY OWN on the net, even if in that tiny little space was actually far more disturbing that I would have imagined.

Unfortunately soon my fan base began to grow with somewhat dodgy and horny subjects, which was more than I could bear, so I have come up with a new version that I am much more comfortable with. I asked my 4 yr old to draw a picture of me, which she loves doing these days, and then asked her to include my boobies.

me naked, by the princess

Et voila! Feminism with a twist.

I invite you to support this pacific and humorous initiative. It’s a very Ghandish way of supporting our sisters in repression. An efficient and charming manner of exposing (in a very literal use of the word) our support to them and against those that suppress them under the veil of religious rules conveniently written by men.

And lets pray that no earthquakes or tremors actually happen today or we are going to have a pretty hard time explaining ourselves.

In the words of a recent anonymous (to me) protester


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