Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 23: friendship


you know who you are...

you are the one I only remember to email when I need something, and I feel close enough to just write and ask without further ado.

you are the one that I laughed and got tipsy with.

You are the one that knows me, more than one side of me,  and you love some of them, but tolerate and cherish all of them.

You are the one that  held me together when I wasn't sure which one I was

....  when I had to decide which one I would be

you are the one I ate with, travelled with, studied with, had pedicures and silly lunches with. 

You are the one that trusted in me when your world was shaking.  when you needed your heart held by someone that would treat it with love, care and affection.

you are the ones that called on me. the ones that looked after my kids. the ones that suggested books you thought would feed my soul, my child, my brain or my work.

you are the ones that texted me when something cool was happening. when you thought there was something I should read. 

the ones I turned to when I was lost, even if it was just a school or an insurance I needed.

you are the one that helped me make the decisions that made me who I am today. thanks for that. 


every.small. thing

every. time. YOU. were. there . for. me

so thank you. today, tomorrow and the next 200 days when we don't speak. when life is too busy for me to remember to ask how your day went.

remember just one one little thing: I love you, I'm here for you. just like you were.

please raise your glass  to my very, very, very amazing friends