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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Embera Indians of Colombia

On my last blog post I told you a bit about my recent visit to the Risaralda National Reserve in Colombia, were the Embera Indians live. Here are some more photographs from that trip.

It was a five hour drive from the nearest town through tropical jungle and pretty tough roads. The four-wheel drive could not make it to the top because of the roads and the mud, and it's the dry season, or as they like to refer to it "summer"

Here they are lining up for their ration of food. Women and children first. They were kind enough to offer me some, which was delicious actually, although I prayed that I would not end up with parasites -again-

I did not, but I was late getting back to the assembly after lunch, so they democratically chose a penalty for me, and made me dance to the beat of their drums (no pictures of that sorry, I was busy keeping the rhythm)

This baby cried every time I tried to get anywhere near her. Apparently I was the first non-Colombian to visit, so to her I must have looked very odd indeed.

I will keep posting pictures as I find time to edit them. You can see some more at www.angelica.carbonmade.com

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Annah said...

Your pctures were absolutely wonderful. Makes us appreciate our lifestyle so much more to see how happy these people are living with so little