Thursday, April 14, 2011

Star attack- photo post

If you've been keeping an eye you'll have noticed I'm really into my photography lately... I can't help it, the words are gone and the colors are back. You just have to learn to ride with it.

Currently I am really focused on light, and back light in particular, an obsession I have developed together with my love for Tara Whitney, (all my relatives think I am nuts cause I kept putting the sun behind them).

This was a shoot with one of my nieces on the beach in Peru. I call it a shoot, she would call it a day at the beach, (which, by the way, was what we called every day during our visit).

She is a gorgeous girl, both inside and out, but this shot came out particularly cool as the sun flare looks like it is being shot from her toy gun.

Good photography should look effortless, should look like luck and that there is no reason to charge for that, but trust me, this was no coincidence.


Mirko said...

Magnífica idea!!

Natalie said...

gorgeous! loving the sun flare :) said...

Buenisima!! captura toda su personalidad!!

Vinita said...

Love it! Great shot, beautiful light!

BuenoBaby said...

Awesome! Love it!