Sunday, June 19, 2011

things I'll miss from Holland when I'm gone 2_ kiddy marathons

Ok, it's very likely that there will be marathons and runs in NY, actually, I know there are, but what I'm not sure is very common is the fact that the preschools sign your kids up for the 1K special run that takes places before, run with a coach (aka dad or mom), and get given their number and a medal at the end.

I just think it is a wonderful tradition to get kids to start doing these things young. I waited at the finish line (camera in hand) and watched as a very focused 10 year old girl won the race. soon after came a slightly chubby kid that must have been about 8 and was nearly in tears. His dad kept pointing to the finish line, they were nearly there. I'm pretty sure that kid hated every minute of the race, I'm also pretty sure he was incredibly proud (and rightly so) and dearly cherished that fact that he had finished a marathon.

My 5 year old has ran 2 marathons, my 3 year old one. I don't think they could have that in their belt anywhere else in the world. This is one happy and proud momma signing off.

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