Friday, July 29, 2011

Justin Bieber and tattoos at 5. god help us

Every year we come home for the holidays. I want my children to know their heritage, I want them to be familiar with the culture, their roots, the food and the local expressions. And what better way than to throw them in the deep end with their seven (yes, seven) Marbella based cousins.

Every year they have a blast. Every year their bond grows stronger and I watch them try hard to imitate not only what the cousins say, but how they say it: tone, swear words and whining. True language lessons.

Every year my kids learn one or two things that I wish I could forget to put in the suitcase and leave behind. Last year it was pinching when fighting and the accusation of "lyer!", this year, it's fake tattoos and Justin Bieber songs. My kid is 5 years old people.... god help us

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