Thursday, October 11, 2012

Celebrate the First-ever International day of the girl

......because every little girl's life should be filled with rainbows. 

celebrating international day of the girl

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ok, I know this is naive and silly and there are much more important things to wish for, like food and safety from abuse or slavery, and I wish that for them too, and I will try to add  my little two cents to achieve it or at least move things in that direction, but today I just wanted to celebrate girls everywhere fighting their corner,  for their strength and their unwavering  conviction. 

Today is the  first-ever United Nations International Day of the Girl. "It’s a day to celebrate the work being done worldwide by and for girls’ rights." (Pat Mitchell, President & CEO, The Paley Center for Media). “In reserving a day for advocacy and action by and for girls, the UN has signalled its commitment to end gender stereotypes, discrimination, violence and economic disparities that disproportionately affect girls... including gender violence, early marriage, child labor, and discrimination at work.” (the day of the girl website). 

So in that vain, won't you do one thing today to make one little girls life better? (any girl, any little thing counts).