Thursday, February 14, 2013

happy non-lover Valentines Day

Sinai Desert, Egypt

People (especially non-Americans) love to mock Valentines Day as a consumeristic hallmarks holiday. They especially like to mock the increasing tradition to celebrate not only your lover/spouse/b-g friend but everyone else in sight (school kids hand out card to their classmates and the like).

Valentines Day also gets a lot of bad rap from people who argue that it makes single persons depressed.

You know me, I welcome a celebration where I can get it and I welcome the excuse to think of those I love.  And I particularly like that the focus does not have to be just on the traditional love-lover sphere.

I am surrounded by love, all types of love, and it makes all the difference. So to all my friends, to all of you who make my days and my life  better,  happy Valentines Day, and may the love you spread come right back at ya.