Tuesday, December 31, 2013

On NEW New Year's Resolutions

Most people my age have all but given up on new years resolutions. There is a certain degree of cynicism or sense of defeat. The belief that things are set in stone and barr someone who has the willpower of a saint,  we can’t change anymore, so what is the point of starting the year off by setting your self up for failure?

Recent research indicates that a) you can change and b) you are more likely to do so if you try on new years. For more on that  click here.

Further, other (probably not hugely scientific) research shows that the best way to make changes is in small steps, and past (personal) experience has shown that even small periods of change can have an impact. So why not give it a go?

I for one am unable to go the middle ground. It’s all or nothing, but  an indefinite “all” feels all  too daunting. So here is my proposal: write down those things you’ve been wanting to change. In my case that would be:

-       Eat healthy: no dairy, no gluten, no sugar (ouch)
     No alcohol
-       Exercise twice a week (ideally more, but trying to go for something realistic…)
-       Go to bed max 11:30 (if I can’t eat sweets that should be easier)

And your new New Years resolutions  will be to do this, ALL of this, the full monty, FOR ONE MONTH ONLY. I strongly believe that the one month goal line  is going to help, and we get to experience what being that perfect us would feel like. Worst case scenario we detox from the holidays. 

Personally, I’m going to start January 6th and carry on til February 6th , because we   all know that January 1st doesn’t count.  This means I am off the hook for valentines. 

and then, after a month, we'll see what happens...

join me?