Thursday, June 19, 2014

Silent resilience and humble rebellion

“you fell!” I say worried.

“but I got to see the beauty in the ground up close. A myriad of tiny beings working hard without questioning the world and their role in it. Confident that their efforts will make a difference ” He responds.

“you lost” I say saddened.

“yes” he responds, “but I got to learn from my mistakes and that made me grow. Like a branch that finds a path out through a window. As a result of life's limitations I have grown unique”

“Your heart’s been broken” I say angry

“yes, but now I have many pieces that I can look after. Each of them will grow and learn to love in a different way” he smiles

“no matter how old you grow, you will never die” I say.

“ Your smile and your heart will continue to shine upon those fortunate to know you. The falls will be banished to oblivion, the bruises have made you better than what was lost. Silent resilience and humble rebellion. Your willingness to fall has made you invincible. All that you’ve selflessly shared will rise from the ashes and live on”

“I know” he responds