Friday, February 19, 2016

like fish out of water

It's been ages since I've printed photos. I'm always shooting for one reason or another. Busy editing  as photos choose to show me their hidden secrets (an essential part of my process), and when they make me happy they often end up  here on the blog or on my website, but it's been ages since I felt the need to print one of them.

This past week I've been working on my set for the upcoming FUTURES show in Brooklyn, and it's just amazed me how the medium affects each photograph. Photos that are uninteresting on the screen come alive on the paper, feeding from it's texture. Others that excite me once printed get lost in translation. Sometimes the colour doesn't work and but when turned to black and white look up to stare at me with different eyes. The magic sepias loose out to the  ethereal light colours that on screen seem dull but on paper capture the weight of  the smoke and the hard work.   Like fish out of water they are finding their feet. A different medium, a different life.

And then, as always, there are the accidents that lead to new discoveries....

hope to see a few of you on the 18th at FUTURES, click here for discounted tickets until Feb 17.