Sunday, July 24, 2016

we are in the business of saying good bye

they don't know any better really. It's their third continent, but they don't know any better. They don't remember anything from before. This is their home. This is their life. This is their story... about to change

We are but days away from our next move. It feels like we've lived here one hundred years.  My skin feels and smells like Brooklyn.

I don't remember it being so strange. this feels so much like home it seems hard to believe soon it will no longer be so.

They are brave. They are excited. they are marching into the unknown with a smile and a shovel.

Not entirely certain what the shovel is for.

But now, today, we are in the business of saying good bye. Different days entail different activities. and they are all about holding on tight to what we are about to let go. These days  are about creating memories. affirming that we are here.... having one last dance with who we are and who we love.