Tuesday, June 27, 2017

a whatever-whatever challenge

I've decided to start  a whatever-whatever challenge.

Basically, I am barely writing or taking photos anymore, so I am challenging myself to post one photo (or write) every day for the next month, which wont be easy because I have a VERY TIGHT DEADLINE (ain't it always the case) ... (and actually it is what I SHOULD  be doing right now).

I didn't even bother naming the challenge, but really it should be called the get-off-your-butt-and-do-something-else challenge.

If there's something you've been meaning to do, or do more of, this is your chance! jump on the whatever-whatever challenge and join me. Completely random dates,  June 27 to July 26.

 So this is my photo for today. It goes with a long story that I really don't have time to unpack today, but the short version is: this is Rufina (on the right). She joined our family  2 weeks ago, (too soon) after our lovely puppy died. She is 13 weeks old and a mix of Maltese and poodle, (we suspect toy poodle as she is absolutely tiny.)

A few days after her arrival we realized she is completely and utterly deaf.  My  already weak resolve to keep her wavered, but her disability, coupled with her absolutely charming spirit won me over.  So now we are learning dog  sign language (because that apparently IS a thing).

She is a happy carefree dog that is in her head much bigger than in reality, and she attacks my feet (and other non animated objets) with the same fierceness  a puma attacks  a crocodile.  She had however until now been petrified of other dogs. So we engineered  this meet up with another small dog. Initially she would just dart as fast as she could in the opposite direction. But eventually curiosity got the best of her. This is that moment.    Notice the tension (and joy) in her body. Back legs ready to dart if necessary. She rose up to the challenge.