Wednesday, August 10, 2011

it is what it is (on photography and passion)

I used to struggle with my photography thinking that I had to choose: either do it professionally (at least try) or give it up. and then one day I stopped judging it and accepted it for what it is, a part of me, a part of who I am.

So I stopped trying to put a name on it (hobby, passion, amateur?) and just did, what came from the heart, focused on what mattered to me, not what might have been interesting, marketable or unique.

As a consequence of this acceptance I "came out of the closet" and started sharing with people, even strangers! the fact that I took photos. Funnily soon after I started getting commissions and started working as a photographer.

I still do my "day job," development, and at some point people said I had to choose: I had to be a photographer or an aid worker, and I asked "why?" it is also a part of who I am. it is also something that I would miss terribly.

So often I have to turn the gigs down, but I no longer judge that either because it is what it is, just a part of me, and like every other part of me, sometimes it has to wait its turn.


Fran said...

Great attitude! Great decision! I hope I can someday find a place in my life for all of my parts...

Jennifer Pearson said...

Not sure if you've read David duChemin's Visionmongers but he has a very similar attitude :-). Well said.

Anonymous said...

well expressed, angelica.

it must always be enjoyable, altho' sometimes frustrating.

as you say, just let the relationship with photography happen.


Anita said...

i fell in love with photography last November. I had a crush for years but when I got my own Canon I was done. I love it too... I don't think I'll ever do it professionally but I think to get paid sometimes is not a bad idea. mmm