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Thursday, February 3, 2011

a white Miles Davis~photo blog post

I was asked for a portrait "like Miles Davis by Anton Corbijn."

For months I tried to ignore it hoping it would go away, mainly because... I didn't get it. That is one fantastic photograph Corbijn did, but it's all about the texture on the black skin and the big (stoned) eyes. I didn't find it fun to just try and replicate it, plus, I didn't know how you might go about doing it with a white guy, although I did know there was going to be a lot of post editing involved...

Once we (reticently) got down to it, it started dawning on me that this was actually a really fun challenge, and that there were a lot of elements I needed to try to replicate, like the texture of the skin, the high contrast or the shine. I also understood that he did not just want me to replicate it, but to do my own take on it.

I am actually quite happy with the end result and, fortunately, so is he. I recommend you go to my photo site (click on the text) in order to see the detail properly.

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