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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

on Japan

Last thursday night I had the strangest dream. We saw a factory far on the horizon and there was a large green round ball, and then green smoke begun coming out of it, lots of it. And then another chimney next to it begun smoking, and then another, and then another, until the whole horizon was filled with chimneys and that green smoke. Then large, menacing waves of CDs (yes, CDs, go figure), started coming at us, that is when we knew- in the dream- that there was something big coming, something that might change everything as we knew it. We were scared.

This was last Thursday, I woke up to news about the earthquake in Japan. It was only when the tsunami hit that I started thinking about the large waves in my dream. When nuclear worries begun, when that green smoke started, well, smoking, I couldn't help but think about all the theories of the butterfly effect, of synchronicity, how we are all one and what happens in one end extends through space and time, like waves through a pool, and if the even is large enough, it might reach the whole pool...

Today, this week, this month, we are all Japan.

But lets not forget to keep an eye on the Middle East revolution. It was our eyes that kept the people of Tahrir Square safe, lets keep looking out for the rest. At least that we can do.


Diana said...

We are living difficult times! the global economic crisis, Haiti, Middle East steaming, and now Japan and the atomic scare.
So many things happening we tend to forget one as soon as the next hits.
Lets hold hands and help each other as we can, and lets pray for better times to come soon, for our children´s sake!

J.Gaver said...

i thoroughly believe in the laws of cause and effect and interrelatedness of it all. we are all products of the moments we've previously experienced as just as is the world as a whole.