Wednesday, March 2, 2011

self portrait- Twelve months- February

Boca Leon, Peru

This is part of my plan to take a portrait of my family -myself included- every month this year.

This is Februrary. We were in Peru, visiting extended family and taking a break from the cold winter. We were a group of eleven which included 7 children, and we were visiting more children, so this is the only shot that I managed to get without other midgets and munchkins running through it or posing with us.


bruce golding said...

why don't you have the kids takesome pics; then edit and post a few. should be fun!
b. said...

mid winter break!!! heaven!!!

Melanie said...

lovely idea!

pakosta said...

great shot! Love it!
I am attempting the family self portrait every month this year too as well! I saw tara whitney did it last year and I LOVED IT!

Mirko said...

I love the clothes of your husband :-D

angelica said...

@pakosta do share!

@mirko was not staged, I promise, it's miracle we managed at all

Anonymous said...

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