Thursday, August 4, 2011

On things I'll miss form Holland when I am gone 8_ parks_photo post

There are three parks in a 15 min walk radius from my house, and we live in the old center. And when I say parks, I mean parks.

One is our hidden garden, you have to walk through a passage and at the end it is colorful fun: slides, climbing gymborees, trees, gardens which give plently of berries in the summer.

The second has a little lake and white pebbles the princess insist are eggs, and where ducks and swans swim. It has skateboard play area and a family of deer, seriously, and this is a 5 min walk from the central train station.

Just a bit further you enter what is effectively a forest that goes all the way to a beach. There you have canals, bike lanes, lakes, pic- nic areas but also one of my favourite play areas, the army training ground.

and this is just in the 15 min walk radius....

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