Wednesday, October 12, 2011

for those of you complaining that I haven't been writing lately...

For those of you complaining that I have not been writing lately,  I just wanted  to let you know that I have written a couple of guest  post and articles  recently you can have a look at:

I'm on Tales from the Hood, a great site for deep critical thought on the aid world with "Finding the G spot", which is about gender and the  work place in the aid world, (or anywhere else really).

I wrote "why I'm a survivor" on  Band Back together, which is a group weblog that provides educational resources as well as a safe, moderated, supportive environment to share stories of survival.

and the "survival kit for moving away" on Matador life

so enjoy!

...(and stop complaining)


Diana said...

I have read all three of them, and I enjoyed them a lot. But you haven´t posted your October family portrait jet!!

angelica said...

I can't wait to put up the october self portrait... but unfortunately I have to. it's blog action day next week!