Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I need someone to occupy my brain this week

"I have got to make everything that has happened to me good for me."
— Oscar Wilde

I feel like the wolf that is always running after the road runner. you know when he  turns the corner, something hits him in the head and then the head starts to spin, the stomach to churn, there are little starts and wiggles as he tumbles away because the ground beneath his feet wont stand still.

I need the ground to stand still. I need the earth to stand still. I need to catch my breath or I will vomit anxiety and the weight of the earth on the carpet. And I don't want to have to clean it again.

I need someone else to be the mom and the wife while I go to my room to do my homework to the beat of the Go-Gos while I draw "I heart F.B." on the sides. 

I need someone else to Occupy my soul this week. make my decisions. and while you are at it, can you finish my report please?

You may be wondering how the text relates to the photo. Well, partly it doesn't, it's a photo I took back in March in Peru and just edited it. But the woman at the center of it personifies who I would like to be right now. Someone that can always see the bright side to anything. Someone that can smile no matter how much it hurts.  And who by the way happens to be the great grandmother of all those kids and a few more.

So yeah, I want to be her this week, and while I'm at it, wouldn't mind being her at the beach.


Soli said...

I try to be her everyday of my life!!

Jimena Arbulú said...

Siempre hay que darnos tiempo para simplemente hacer la tarea en la habitación, al menos por un día. Muy emotivo.