Wednesday, November 9, 2011

yes, every single one of those threads got manually put there by someone

Today I had to go to see a weaving factory in the outskirts of Addis Abbeba (Ethiopia... just in case). It's  pretty impressive to see how those things you haggle for at the market are made

the color string is put on a little wooden boat like vessel that gets pulled and pushed from side to side by forcefully pushing and pulling a rope hanging on top. While the feet push pedals sequentially so that the right strings are on top or bottom. The new string gets tightened in with the rest manually.

Sophisticated designs can require up to five foot pedals

 it was the sheer number of  sticks and strings and levels that I found overwhelming

the intricacy with which each detail is made...

painfully slow step after painfully slow step

even the thread has to be hand weaved onto those little sticks

PS: honey, I bought those curtains you said we needed...... 

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Anonymous said...

....and then, we bargain, to get them cheaper!!!
I wonder how much do the weaver gets paid.