On Motherhood & Sanity

Thursday, January 17, 2013

keep on dreaming

Some of you may have noticed my recent unusual request alert:

Essentially, my bro has decided he wants to go into space.

Now me,  I get dizzy on a park swing. I can get dizzy just by thinking about a park swing, (I'm going to stop now because I'm actually getting dizzy just from writing about this).

The point is, I could not phantom anything less appealing than getting on a moving rocket, especially as it is highly unlikely that I could get off half way if I have to throw-up or pee, two of my body's favourite past times.

But fortunately we are all different (especially fortunate for anyone who does not have to deal with my body), and we all have different dreams.  He's a marketing exec who decided to run his first marathon when he turned forty. He's done about 4 now.  He decided to take up surfing a couple of years later (personally, I'm afraid of waves, but that is not going to surprise anyone at this point I suspect). What I truly  love is his spirit. This idea that even the unthinkable could be. He doesn't question if he can or if he should. The thought of others laughing at this proposal hasn't crossed his mind. What he sees is a chance to to do something he wanted to do as a kid, right around the time when he wanted to be Wolverine, and goes 'why not?'

So vote for him, (please) because the world needs dreamers. Because nothing would get invented and a lot less would get done if people weren't willing to see  something crazy and set out to do it with a simple 'why not?"