On Motherhood & Sanity

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

write a letter to yourself

I know I dwindled towards the end, and I will probably come back to you with the days that I missed out on (probably), but before putting this year's december challenge to bed I want to invite you to do something I was once asked to do while in the Sinai desert in the context of a yoga retreat.

While you are still on this "this is a new year and I can make some resolutions" mode, grab a piece of paper, or a postcard (or whatever you like) and write a letter to yourself reminding you of what you want out of 2013 (and life). Reminding you of what is important, what you love, what you want to change and what you want to prioritise.  Write down the thoughts that have come to you during this exercise and the holidays. It doesn't have to be long. It can be bullet points if you like, and then address it, to yourself, and mail it.

If you are anything like me it might take about a month until it even leaves in the post, and hopefully another to get back to you. It'll be a little reminder to yourself. You can also use it towards the end of the year to remember where you were and how far you've gone. Or just to remind you of what is really important, and how somethings just don't  change.

I wrote mine in 2010 and still look at it sometimes.