Friday, October 11, 2013

Girls rock (2nd international day of the girl)

I have the privilege of raising a girl that brakes with most presumptions and conventions about what a girl is supposed to be and do. She is fearless, hugely physical and ridiculously strong.

I also have the burden of bearing witness to the heartbreaking reality that other girls around the world have to live.

Today we  celebrate the second day of the girl under the theme "innovating for girls education". I want to focus on the girls that are fearlessly breaking molds and expectations, defying convention and redefining the rules. I want to celebrate the girls that are unique, different and unusual. 

As parents we are both their teachers and role models. May we be strong enough to let out boys and girls live up to their full potential, whatever that may be.  May we be wise enough to lead them to a better world than the one they are inheriting

A lot of it is on us. That's all I'm saying