Wednesday, October 2, 2013

one woman, one camera and 45 minutes in front of IKEA

alternate title for this post was what happened the day I learned (the hard way) that IKEA does not open until 10am.

Red Hook, Brooklyn

we've all been there. You miss calculate and find yourself in the middle of nowhere, unable to do anything from your ever-growing to-do list.  Last week  I found myself in such a predicament at the door of IKEA.  It was a lovely autumn day and I was stuck in a cold cement entry. I'm sure this type of thing has always happened, but I am also sure that before  people accepted it as a normal  part of  life. Activities had in-betweens that were not meant to be filled, but rather, were just left empty,  to muse over nothing  over a relaxin cup of cafe con leche, to talk with a neighbour...  Now a days  we are  used to things happening quickly, and obsessed with having every minute accounted for. And don't get me started about our need to be constantly entertained.

So, sadly,  I did what any normal person now a days would do with any small amount of empty time: reached for my iphone/ipad/droid.... and started clicking. I made this composite (above) with a few of them and totally love it. You can find a couple more below, but  I'll leave the other  200 selfies to your imagination