Thursday, February 13, 2014

there are all kinds of love, and they should all be celebrated. happy valentines day

made by a US veteran trying to raise funds to go back to school.
He was in front of the Mandarin hotel in columbus circle (NYC)
in case you want to see it live and donate to the artist

I suppose I like to make a point that valentine's is not just about romantic love. Last year I wrote about the importance of friendship. Like last year, I also want to remind everyone that the 14th of February is they day we DANCE FOR ONE MILLION RISING against gender based violence.

But this year I want to focus on a different kind of love. One which has been a key part of my life from day one. One that carries me, accompanies me, advices me, takes the piss out of me, challenges me and makes me laugh. One that I get to observe in my home every day as it grows into something unique and irreplaceable. sibling love.

Translation: M. I'm sorry for calling you worst sister ever.
You are THE best one, ever.
I love you best M. ever