Thursday, May 5, 2011

twelve months- April (family self portrait)

So it has been four months now. It is so hard to plan a session. Someone is always travelling, too busy or sick. It is easier to photograph clients than one's own family!

...which I suppose is the reason I started doing this to begin with.

Four months in and I have to confess I'm starting to wonder where I am going with this. I suppose I had hoped for more special photographs, like the ones I can make and plan for when I am not in them, when I have some leverage over the subjects (NOT the case with my family...)

In any case I will carry on. Maybe there will be a lesson in the end (maybe more planning is the lesson, or more discipline, or choose your projects better...)

This was taken during our holidays in Switzerland with thehub's family. There were all these amazing sceneries which I thought we would get around to trying out, but never did, because we were too busy rolling down meadows, eating chocolate fondue, and basically living.

This was an attempt to stick to this deconstruct the scene to its basic elements. It was meant to be the test run, but it rained the next day and we never managed to pass by that river again.

In photography, like in life, you must cease the moment, never take for granted you'll get that chance again: when in doubt take it, take it now!

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PPS May 17. I think this photo is growing on me....

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Diana said...

It looks like an impressionist painting.