Thursday, January 12, 2012

savour every first sip....

This post was inspired by   my e-friend "that's Mrs Mediocrity to you"   and was part of the reverb11 total anarchy that took place last  year.  

Her prompt was: Write a letter to yourself about how you would like your life to be different at this time next year"  and she started with "dear me.... " and went  on to finish the post with  "savour every first sip" (with a beautiful photo).

Brilliant, brief and to the point. Most inspiring. So here is my go. I invite you all to play along, even if it is only in your head. 

Dear me...

Remember to breath, slowly. To fill your lungs and hold on to that feeling of being alive, and that of letting go, just as important. 

Remember to laugh, to savor the moment, especially the inconsequential ones. The ones that take place in-between.

Don't let the urgent things get in the way of what's important or your life will slip by running from  one emergency to the next.

Eat well and sleep well.  It might seem like you are wasting perfectly good time, but it will make the time that you do have so much better. 

Clear both your home and your heart  of unnecessary crap. 

Kiss your husband in the morning and when he comes home in the evening.  

Don't forget to be kind with those whose love you take for granted, and over whose love your entire castle rests on.  

With  the kids, choose your battles, let the little things slide. 
Let your love be a trampoline so that they may explore the world in the certainty that you'll be there to soften the fall.   

make time for them. just for them. for what's important to them. however mind numbing that may be...

make time for your friends. all the nutrients in the world will not suffice without them.

Treat your body fairly and do not spoil it with  empty food that will only make it weaker in the end. 

and remember to take the most important person out on a date every now and then.  Do something you love, that  reminds you of who you are, who you want to be  and what inspires you. 

Never stop learning. Never stop growing, reaching for new goals. 

Dare to live new lives.