Monday, December 31, 2012

my wish for the new year

I wish to be surrounded by love, and filled with peace.  I wish to be fueled with curiosity, strength and determination. I wish for space, for in-between-moments and silence. I wish for slow moments where the hot chocolate is savoured, where arts and crafts get done, slowly, calmly, bathed in conversation about nothingness and everything.

I wish for long days and even longer nights. For the year to be slow, long and memorable, in a most unmemorable way.

I wish for discovery and adventure. For questions to be answered and new questions to arise together with new possibilities.

I wish for mouthfuls of sticky chocolate.

I wish for health and life.

I wish to be filled with wonder and surrounded by fairy dust.

I wish for love. To be loved. To love.

Happy new year y'all