Friday, September 2, 2011

turns out they are New yorkers at heart

I’ve escaped! I’m in a cool Brooklyn bar listening to cool mellow music, sipping white wine and writing. Trust me, this in no way reflects the rest of my week. Before I started I had to check what the last post was about. That has never happened before. Irene seems like a distant memory.

So you get an idea, but a few hours ago I was sitting on a scaffolding about 13 feet up from the ground shitting myself. I was putting up frost on our windows to keep our new kitchen from looking like a shop window.

We moved out of our lovely, lovely landing pad last Wednesday, and into what will surely be a lovely apartment, but is currently echo central. Irene delayed our shipment, so we moved in with a few borrowed blow up mattresses, sheets, towels, pots and pans. I thought it would be thoroughly distressing for the kids but fortunately no, it’s just distressing for me. They seem to love whatever gets thrown their way. Me? Not so thrilled with the current state of affairs.

Never the less, and although our first ice cream outing entailed sitting next to a homeless woman, we have found some appealing things in our new hood. The kids love the public library down the block. There is a little park. Turns out our little yard has a sprinkler, and there is a place where we are hoping the princess will be doing her ballet lessons. I explained Halloween to them, they are thrilled and ask me every day when it will take place. We bumped into a construction site. Trouble was so in awe he dared not speak . Three years ago these kids were climbing trees in Cambodia. I couldn’t imagine them as city kids and did everything in my power to keep them in the field. Today the princess told me she wants to stay in NY forever. Turns out they are New Yorkers at heart.

PS trouble is wearing movie 3D glasses...


Anonymous said...

Los niños siempre me dejan boquiabierta.ellos ven aventuras y cosas por descubrir donde otros solo podemos ver incertidumbre..Por eso esta genial contagiarse de vez en cuando de su vision,mucho mas sabia que la alegro de corazon de que os esteis adaptando bien!!!!

Nicole Umemoto said...

Angelica, I looked up your blog to forward it to friend who's a talented photographer/mom contemplating getting her photos out there. It's been a chance to read your latest entries: you've moved to NY??! Aren't kids more adaptable than we think they'll be? I also worried about my tropical children moving to cold, overcast England but they've managed to sniff out all the good stuff: acorns! Squirrels! Picnics! Museums! Libraries! Scooters! What we miss about Cambdia is replaced by what we didn't have before and would miss if we were to leave England. We lived a whole year in a small flat without our shipment. My the end of the year I couldn't remember what could possibly be in all those boxes. When we finally moved to a house and opened them all, I marveled at all the useless stuff that made the cut and now populate our attic. All that said, I really miss massages, hanging out at my PP cafes, and affordable nights out alone with Tom. And SO glad to be reunited with most of my worldly possessions - we do need some sense of continuity after all don't we?