Friday, September 30, 2011

on domestic bliss

little by little our hose is looking less like a war zone and more like a home. Normally I really love it when our stuff arrives. I love opening up the boxes and finding all the little things I forgot we owned but tell a story of a trip, a friend, a day.... 

This time it was different. I really didn't look forward to my stuff. When it did finally arrive, the movers threw everything around with absolute disregard for it, so the house was just piles and piles that we had to make our way through. Weekends were Ikea and target trips and then getting our construction degree. so the fact that this morning we could all sit down to breakfast on a clear table and empty chairs. that our fridge started having food in it, I'm just grateful to be getting back to what I call domestic bliss, and this little thing she did, finding her own way of reaching to get the eggs, making the house hers... I just had to snap it, it talks to me and tells me that maybe, just maybe, we've finally made it home.

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