Monday, September 12, 2011

September family (self) portrait

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I know you were expecting a photo of the chaos and the boxes, but I just had to do this one... maybe because I knew the madness was headed our way and wanted to keep memory of the days when we lived with 3 blow  up mattresses, some pots and pans, and an Ikea work table for the kids. Somehow I miss those days, probably because I am submerged in all the crap that I consider necessary to survive in this world, and it is always overwhelming to see how much crap you cohabit with. It made me think of all those zen articles always banging on about living with less. Lets just say the Amish may be on to something.....

But in our house everything seems to have it's own story. There is the painting I bought from a massage parlour in Phnom Pehn.  Tim's photo. the pretty Lady that really represents one of the towers at the world trade center, which we bought in Chile while they were still standing, and after a lot of negotiating with the man so that he would sells us just one, because that was all we could afford. The Buddha head my grandmother has given Trouble as a heirloom...

There is also something to that emptiness around us in the photograph. I think it somehow reflects the vacuum you feel when you are in a new place. It's particularly strange here in NY where you are so surrounded by people, and at the same time so isolated.  You can envision the potential around you, you can see it like through a shop window, but cannot be a part of it  yet.

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Diana said...

I absolutely love this photo and the post!!!
Reminds me of the strange feeling of freedom when you see all you stuff in small boxes, leaving in the back of a truck.
But weeks later you greet them, in the other end, welcoming them as old friends.

BuenoBaby said...

The way you posed everyone at the end of the room and made the negative space the focal point, it really makes the photo intriguing.

Also, that looks like such a cool space! I'm thinking your kids are wearing helmets because they were scooting around on the tile?

We got rid of most of our stuff when we moved to Mexico. Had we tried moving it, storing it we wouldn't have been able to go and those things would have gotten in the way of the most amazing experience. I don't remember what my throw pillows looked like or what brand of blender we had, I'd dump the stuff all over again, given the chance.

Mirko said...

Pues peazo tele os habéis comprado, eh? :-P