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Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 7: what matters, and November family self portrait


as the old chinese saying states "time cures all except poverty and tooth ache" except it left out why, and that is  love. As long as you've got health and love the rest can be managed. This here (standing in for the rest of the family/friends not pictured) is  what matters. The rest is stocking fillers.

how to nurture it?
You need  to make time for the people you love, even those that live with you and whose presence is so essential to your life that you almost take it for granted. Make time to  listen, put the iphone/book/nook down and listen some more. No matter how boring, if it's important to them you need to listen. Do things other people want to do, even if you really don't. Remember to call, to write, to ask how they are doing. Say happy birthday, how was your trip, how are you doing?  Post photos on facebook, send cards, do something to share who you are, what's going on, what your life is about.

something like that


The family self portrait  project started in January 2011.

I take one portrait of the whole family, myself included, once a month.  Wherever we are, whatever we are doing.

Sometimes it's planned. Mostly, it's not.

I started doing this mainly because I realised that I was never in any of the family photos. 

It was meant to last  for the duration of 2011, but we are  enjoying it so much that it has carried on into 2012. Don't know when or where it will end. 

Every family should do this. Won't you give it a try and share with us?

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