On Motherhood & Sanity

Monday, December 10, 2012

DAY 10, on friends and family

I’ve been away from home for nearly 16 years now. And when I say “away” I don’t mean that I moved out. I was in another country, and for the most part in another continent.

But still, after all this time, and although for the most part we all go about our every day business, whenever I’ve needed it my family has been there for me. Like a quiet net that has been there and out of sight all along, it closed in and wrapped around me. It cradled me just enough so that I was warm, but still had enough room to breath.  Their generosity holding up the bit that  wasn’t strong enough to bear the weight. Be it because I was hurt or because I had a dream, they rallied around me, be it with their time, their money or just the quiet vigil of those who know there's  a journey  you have to do alone, but will stay up the night with you anyways.

They say friends are the family that we choose, and it is true that I did not choose my family. But I could not ask for better friends.