Monday, January 6, 2014

December family portrait, the morning after

My initial plan was pretty much this but the BEFORE version. We would have been all dolled up in out party gear, make up, etc. 

Didn't happen. 

So instead you get the day after.  Hangover, black eyes and all. It's still december because everyone knows that January 1st doesn't count. 

Sticky staggered steps, inane smiles
Delusions heap on shaky chairs
Warm thoughts of warm beds, pillow piles
The party's over; no one cares

Red eyes, crooked hat, voice a croak
Chats hanging, half said, swaying stares
Last round of whiskey for the blokes
The party's over; no one cares

Cold air washes faces, sharp brain pain
Hugs, kisses, new couples, old pairs
Door shuts, bubble bursts, way too caned
The party's over; no one cares

Rock the handrail, rap righteous thoughts
Stumble, Christmas lights, garish glares
Glass eye locks in, the image caught
The party's over; no one cares


The family self portrait  project started in January 2011. 
I take one portrait of the whole family, myself included, once a month.  
The poem is a 2013 addition by a "ghost" writer

Every family should do this. 

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